Economic situation surrounding SEX Sexless

Sexless marriage


Sexless marriage

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Every powerful person at the time would have wished so that this era would last forever.

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Being healthy, SEX is also fulfilling as being human beings, not being too old.

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❶ Definition of SEXLESS

Here we will cover cases in Japan.

As age goes up, sexless couples tend to increase.

Traditionally in Japan the couple is deeply embarrassed that they are sexually active when they are older, and both couple still feel embarrassed that sexual intercourse frequently occurs as an elderly person It is because there is a sense.



❷ Is SEXLESS increasing? !

According to the survey by the Japan Society for Sex Sciences, in comparison with the 2000 survey and the 2012 survey, people in the 2000 survey were one in four people in the 2000 survey, in the 2012 survey more than one in two people As the couple's sexless progress has progressed remarkably, on the other hand, there is also a result that both men and women have tripled their intimate relationships with other sex with other sexes than their spouses.

Speaking of mature generation, I think this is by no means a bad thing.

In child raising also graduated to some extent, in living the future "life of 100 years*", to live a life that was refreshing, including sexual life.

Some grandchildren can also be made, happy cumbersome ... · SEX can be outsourced? !Not ideal, but not bad.

The fresherness will also increase if the opponent of SEX changes.

However, I think that it is also a minority who can see the wife holding in front of you, with love, by an unknown man.

Before it comes to the worst situation, I think that there is also a challenge to a new ground with couple kaishun erotic massage.


Couple kaishun erotic massage


❸ Facts and measures of SEXLESS


NHK took up the issue of elderly sex with "close-up GENDAI +", 76% of men in the 60s and 75% in the 70s revealed a sexual desire.

People will have sexlessness for various reasons.

According to statistics by questionnaires distributed by the research group of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare,


  • "Men who are tired at work 24.6%, women 15.1%"
  • "Somehow male 13.6%, female 21.0% after childbirth"
  • "It is troublesome male 9.3%, female 18.8%".

In the past, as the role changed from men and women to parents after childbirth, there was a result that there were many views that the number of times gradually decreased with multiple causes overlapping, eventually leading to sexless loss.

Also, the economic situation surrounding that person will also be relevant.

Of course, it also affects erection, that it has become non-regular from regular employees.

There is an image that Japan is always the lowest in the SEX survey that the UK condom maker "Durex Company" conducts every year.

I do not know what kind of investigation method, but do you answer seriously? !

There is also a question that ....... Japanese people may be shy. ! Sometimes, there are things .......

However, in that survey Greece is top. However, there is data that it fell after the "Greek crisis".

Again, for economic reasons people reduce the number of SEX.

Economic depression keeps people from erecting.

I think that one of them wants to do more, but that either one does not respond because of the above reasons.

In that case, "SEX industry" like us should also be the receiver.

In such a case please use an outcall kaishun erotic massage.

An outcall kaishun erotic massage also helps to improve the sex life of a cold couple.

Even if you do not take a separate man alone, if you have an outcall couple kaishun erotic massage, you can share exciting sessions with you.

Couple kaishun erotic massage


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