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New proposal for happy couples is COUPLE KAISHUN EROTIC MASSAGE.

Seniors in the 100-year life = middle-aged people are generally the age of graduation from "child-making SEX".

Now is the time to break away from insertion SEX and enjoy COUPLE KAISHUN EROTIC MASSAGE, which can be said to be age-appropriate SEX.

It is ① Testis, Testicle massage, ➁ Prostate, prostatic massage for men, ③ vaginal care for women, and acupoint stimulation based on oriental medicine common to both men and women.

Testis, Testicle massage

Prostate, prostatic massage

vaginal care

These can be said to be age-appropriate SEX in order to maintain the QOL of sexual life in the latter half of the 100-year life.

It's a SEX that keeps your life alive until you die.

We’ll gladly deliver your two kaishun erotic massage therapists person erotic massage directly to your hotel or home.

❶ Insertion SEX is no longer for graduated couples

Enjoying a couple kaishun erotic massage, erotic coupling massage as a couple is a perfect way to relax and explore sexual intimacy together.

A couple kaishun erotic massage is an exciting session in the mature generation and it is also effective as a means to overcome the partner 's stage of fatigue that we have brought together for many years.

❷ The merits of a couple Kaishun erotic massage

There are so many obvious advantages in a couple kaishun erotic massage.

Please see What's Kaishun Erotic Massage?about 「a Kaishun Erotic Massage」.

What's Kiahsun erotic massage?

A happy middle-aged couple with 100 years of life should have active sexual life, and nothing about the Stage of fatigue.

They have finished the stage of sex for child making, SEX should be more freely than originally, and if they are healthy they want to send sexual life appropriate for the year.

And, as long as you are old, they should enjoy sex.

For example, that's like building better intimacy between you and your partner, learning more about your partner's sensual part,spicing up your usual sex routine and getting closer to each other during a couple kaishun erotic massage sessions.

It is said that when there is a true connection between a man and a woman, a technique does't matter.

❸ Do you know the Polynesian sex?

Men's emphasis on fellowship rather than ejaculation, and male orgasm usually lasts only a few seconds lasts. Polynesian sex has various methods.

About Polynesian sex

  • The sexual activity is set to about once every 5 days and the remaining 4 days are raised only by caressing not to stimulate genitalia.
  • It takes at least 1 hour for the foreplay and for 30 minutes after inserting the penis into the vagina, do not move the piston and hold it in a hug or caress. (However, when a male is about to lose erectile power, movement is necessary when a woman loses its sexual feeling)
  • Although there are individual differences, waves of orgasm pleasure will continue to flow one after another.
    Even after orgasm, you embrace with your genitals combined.

It is thought that exchanging "sexual energy" will be done between men and women in the state after 30 minutes of insertion.

❹ Do you know the Taoist sexual practices?

Taoist sexual practices is a type of traditional Chinese curing technique.

It is the technique of sexual life, the way of unification of men and women.

Curing refers to cultivating life, that is, arranging the state of the human body, promoting health, promoting natural healing of the disease, and so on.

About Taoist sexual practices

  • "If there is moderation in pleasure, the mind can be calm and live longer, if you drown out of drowsiness, illness will arise and life will be damaged."
  • The original Taoist sexual practices are those that preserve speech against the essential acts of human beings of sexuality, moderate pleasure without drowning, nursing the body by not requiring uselessness, aiming at unity of men and women's bodily thoughts Met.
  • Chinese medicine places importance on the relationship between sexual life and health, and reasonable sexual life keeps mind to be healthy, but erroneous sex life wastes refinement, exhausts spirit, greatly impairs health . I have a means to prevent it and a means such as Chinese herbal medicine to prevent the decline of precision

Moderate sex life is recommended. In addition, it is said that it is desirable to exchange the "氣、Ki、qi" in Chinese medicine, Oriental medicine exactly in inserted state for about 30 minutes.

This point can be said to be in common with the above Polynesian sex.

Oriental Medicine


❺ Being important in sex life, love

It is very important that it is love, tenderness, attention and respect that play the main role.

A few years after getting married or starting as a lover・・・the form of sex no longer "only inserts are not all".

For the two people over the middle age, it is a completed form of sex that is compassionate to each other and touches each other.

Sometimes I think that receiving stimulation with our 'A COUPLE KAISHUN EROTIC MASSAGE' is also fantastic.

In "couple kaishun erotic massage"session, our kaishun therapist gives female customers a relaxing massage by pressing "acupressure" based on Oriental medicine, and then provides cunt massage, yoni massage, pussy massage,cunt massage.

Oriental medicine

A couple kaishun erotic massage gives fresh sexual stimulation to couples who have been bodied for many years, and will give vitality to the middle aged generation of life 100 years.


Form of expression of new love that matched to the mature generation.

It does not rely on "erection" corresponding to the year.

There are a couple of them.

For example, "an outcall kaishun erotic massage"

What's Kiahsun erotic massage?

What sex is necessary for the generation who graduated child making sex? !

To live a vivacious sex life in the 100 years of life · · ·.

"Insert sex" exchanges energy with each other.

This is sexual communication that is transmitted to Asia from ancient times.

Please do that as a partner, not our kaishun therapists.

After receiving 'A COUPLE KASIHUN EROTIC MASSAGE' at our shop, I encourage SEX with your beloved partner.

❻ To understand true love for your partner through a couple Kaishun erotic massage

A couple kaishun erotic massage is a good opportunity for you to learn how to give and receive sexual pleasure.

The pleasure of a couple kaishun erotic massage may become adventurous trip for you.

And it brings you from a state of total relaxation to the highest level of arousal.

Shot the world out and get ready to just concentrate on a couple kaishun erotic massage.

A couple kaishun erotic massage would bring a couple to a higher intimacy.

Its pleasure is mutual,so it is more exciting than a one-way normal massage.

❼ Information on our SESSIONS CHARGE

Information on our SESSIONS CHARGE


Name of sessions Sessions length Amount of money
Basic kaishun erotic massage 50 mins / 80 mins 18,000 yen / 25,000 yen
4 hands massage of Basic kaishun 50 mins / 80 mins 35,000 yen / 49,000 yen
Couple kaishun massage of Basic kaishun 50 mins / 80 mins 40,000 yen / 56,000 yen
Standard kaishun erotic massage 50 mins / 80 mins 22,000 yen / 30,000 yen
Exclusive kaishun erotic massage 50 mins / 80 mins 25,000 yen / 35,000 yen
The Best kaishun erotic massage 50 mins / 80 mins 28,000 yen / 38,000 yen
 Nuru massage (Soapy massage) , A type of body to body erotic massage 50 mins / 80 mins 35,000 yen / 45,000 yen



⑴ BODY TO BODY EROTIC MASSAGE = Nuru massage (Soapy massage) 


⑴ BODY TO BODY EROTIC MASSAGE = Nuru massage (Soapy massage) video

➁ Optional services

The following optional services should be added to the above Basic kaishun erotic massage.

Name of option Amount of money NOTES
Nomination of therapist 1,000 yen
30 minutes extension 10,000 yen
⑵ SENTAI SHOWER SERVICE(NORMAL) 5,000 yen 15 minutes will be added. / Included in 80 minute session.
SENTAI SHOWER SERVICE(TOPLESS ) 8,000 yen 15 minutes will be added.
SENTAI SHOWER SERVICE (Undressed=Naked) 10,000 yen 15 minutes will be added.
Kaishun Erotic Massage below
⑶ Testis, Testicle massage Included in Basic kaishun erotic massage Included in Basic kaishun erotic massage
⑷ Prostate, prostatic massage 5,000 yen
JAPKASAI 8,000 yen Included in 80 minute session.
⑸ FOOT JOB 5,000 yen 10 minutes will be added.
⑹ FACE SITTING 5,000 yen 10 minutes will be added./ Session with underwear
⑺ FEET IN YOUR FACE 5,000 yen 10 minutes will be added.
⑻ NIPPLES LICKING & massage 5,000 yen 10 minutes will be added.
⑼    Foot scent fetish 5,000 yen 10 minutes will be added.



⑶ Testis, Testicle massage

Testis, Testicle Massage

⑷ Prostate, prostatic massage

Prostate, Prostatic Massage









⑼ Foot scent fetish

Foot scent fetish

❽ Our video guide


➁ Video guide about NURU MASSAGE

③ Video guide about 4hands MASSAGE

④ Video guide about prostate massage as a type of kaishun erotic massage


Erotic Massage Tokyo 311 provides the following two types of mobile services to seniors over 50 years old = middle-aged customers in the age of 100 years of life. ❶ kaishun erotic massage, ❷ hentai services.

It is said that kaishun Erotic massage has its origin in Chinese traditional medicine, then it has been transmitted to Japan, and has further developed its own unique.

The original meaning is that "Spring (youth) comes around (again)", it is not limited to sexual function, it is thought that it aimed at so-called "eternal longevity".

KAISHUN EROTIC MASSAGE can be said to be a massage for rejuvenating lower body = sexual function.


What's Kaihshun erotic massage?

HENTAI SERVICES is a services that allows seniors in the 100-year life = middle-aged generation to lively, throbbing, and maintain the QOL of their sexual life until they die, which can coexist with their declining sexual desire.

This page is a guide to 「COUPLE KAISHUN EROTIC MASSAGE」in Kaishun erotic massage.


Our main working areas are hotels and homes in central Tokyo.

Reservations are accepted from 3:00 pm to 24:00 am midnight, so if you wish to make a reservation after that (limited to central Tokyo), please make a reservation by 24:00 am.

After the reservation start time is 23 pm, a late night fee of 2,000 yen will be charged separately.

Please make a reservation by 22 pm.

For mobile, outcall working areas far from the city center, please make a reservation by 19pm for city hotels in Makuhari, Chiba, Maihama, Yokohama, Kanagawa, and Haneda, Tokyo.


Feel free to contact us with any questions about the explanation of 「COUPLE KAISHUN EROTIC MASSAGE」in Kaishun erotic massage.

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