Economic situation surrounding SEX

I am 54 years old. My job is an outcall kaishun massage massage manager.
Over 20 years have passed since the work of the sex industry. In the bubble period, more than 200 people a day from the morning come "Pink Salon"(Please check with google) over 200 people have been sighting to appoint more than 200 men. Rainy days and wind days · · ·.

On the relationship between economic situation and SEX, we have done field trips more than anyone else. I can say with confidence. Generally, if the economic situation is not good, people will be less likely to erect. It will be a spiritual factor rather than having no money.

Although I carried out on-site training, I will transfer my academic background and data to scholars. Recently in Japan, the number of irregular workers has increased, and it is about 40%. When listening to anxiety about the future and complaints of a wife, it is inevitable to stop erection either.