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Measures against Erectile dysfunction with Chinese medicine and Energetic agent


Measures against Erectile dysfunction with Chinese medicine and Energetic agent

We provide an outcall "KAISHUN EROTIC MASSAGE" to your hotel or your home in central Tokyo.

It is said that kaishun erotic massage has its origin in Chinese traditional medicine, then it has been transmitted to Japan, and has further developed its own unique.

The original meaning is that "Spring (youth) comes around (again)", it is not limited to sexual function, it is thought that it aimed at so-called "eternal longevity".

Every powerful person at the time would have wished so that this era would last forever.

Of course, our shop offers sexual kaishun erotic massage.

In modern times, kaishun erotic massage can be called erotic massage for rejuvenation.

SEX is important to live forever for the mature generation towards the "100-year era of life*" as it is coming.

Being healthy, SEX is also fulfilling as being human beings, not being too old.

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Various old-fashioned Measures against Erectile dysfunction

Since the emergence of a huge hit product "Viagra", the mainstream of measures against Erectile dysfunction has become an erection promotion agent.

However, in Japan, an outcall kaishun massage which our shop provides, testicular massage etc has become established more than before, singing nourishment tonic, herbal medicine and some foods are still popular as measures against Erectile dysfunction.

How does it seem to foreign customers? ! I guess he is definitely a non-scientific method?

However, I will introduce various methods that have been around for a long



Testicular massage


❶ Chinese medicine / energetic medicine

① "Mamushi drink"

"Taurine" contained in molluscs such as squid, octopus and oyster is also contained in "vimps", it is an important substance for living organisms and important for humans.

Taurine has "body, the action of keeping the cell in a normal state (homeostasis)".

For example, falling action against rise in blood pressure corresponds to this.

In particular, it has an action to act on the liver.

Remove the skin of the vermicella and dry it, call it Anti-nose (Hanpi) and use it as a traditional Chinese medicine for nourishing tonic and other purposes.

In addition, the thing that dried the gall bladder is called snake (jaundice) (which is commonly known), and it is said that the nourishing tonic effect is higher than the anti - nose.

Anti-nose and snake are often used for nutrition drinks and the like. "Mamushi drink" · "Red vim" is also representative of nutritional drinks using animal herbs.


Gloydius blomhoffii is a snake that is classified as a Scythe genus. Write "蝮". It is also simply referred to as a viper.

My personal opinion: Is it an image of a penis that comes from the appearance of that "vimps" as well! What? Feeling close to faith. Is it just me? ! But "erection" is a matter of "g

odly belief" close to faith is important. Because mental factors have a large effect on "erection".


② "Testicles of the fur seals"

Did someone pay attention to a point that it may be mated with 100 heads a day during breeding season? !

We also deepen doubts about the information that Tokugawa Ieyasu liked favorably, information which is hard to get backed up.

Older traditional Chinese medicine often eat animal testicles, testicles, genital organs .... It is certainly known that arginine of one type of amino acid is included.

Arginine has the effect of promoting the secretion of male hormones.

My personal opinion: Like the "Mamushi" in ➀, is it close to the faith that comes from the image of the unjusti of breeding seasons? !


③ "Maca"

Maca is a perennial plant of Brassicaceae planting in South America Peru.

Like "fur seals" in ② contains arginine which enhances reproductive function.

It also contains zinc, a component of semen.

My personal opinion: Is the key word "arginine" or "zinc"? I will only say that it is important to believe.


④ "Scorpion"

It is known as a creature with strong life force.

Various amino acids and zinc are included.

My personal opinion: Is there anything that comes from the image that "life force is strong", the impression leads to "erectile power"? !


⑤ "OU - SEI" (Japanese: 黄精)

Rhizome of "Namco Lily". In the Edo period popularity came out as traditional Chinese medicine.

Issa Kobayashi also favorite "OU - SEI", after the marriage at the age of 52, anecdotes hard to support remain that the couple life was intense.

My personal opinion: There is a feeling of ingredient lacking in strengthening vitality.


⑥ "Korean ginseng"

It seems that misunderstanding with the actual efficacy is spreading.

Although it is said that the effect of increasing the energy of "氣=QI=Ki" in Oriental medicine is said, it is said that "erectile power" has no efficacy.




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