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What's Kaishun Erotic Massage?

What's Kaishun Erotic Massage?

The word 「Kaishun」 originally means "spring = adolescence will come again".

At our shop, we have traditionally provided it as an erotic massage for the lower body of senior = middle-aged men in the age of 100 years.

However, the word 「Kaishun」 was originally thought to be broader, longevity, and to maintain eternal youth.

A kaishun erotic massage is thought to be derived from traditional China sexual method.

It is an ultimate way in sexual rejuvenation which is for middle-aged man especially.

It can be said that it is one of sexual massages that matched the "100 years generation of life" to come.

Unlike a simple erotic massage, it is a rejuvenated massage for a mature generation, including a full-fledged massage (Thai traditional massage, oil massage, and so on), not aiming only for ejaculation.

❶ Have you ever experienced "Kaishun erotic massage"?

Customers of the mature generation seem to already have graduated from child making SEX.

However, we want to encourage everyone to be sexually young again as a male, to have a second half life sent, and to actively send sexual life after age for 100 years of life.

For seniors in the 100-year life = middle age, aim to break away from inserted SEX with the purpose of maintaining the QOL of sexual life in the latter half of life.

Please see 「Sexual rejuvenation」andHISTORYabout a Kaishun erotic massage in detail below.

Sexual rejuvenation


In days old, it is said in Japan that a Kaishun erotic massage practiced between partners when penile penetration would be avoided firstly.

In case of・・・some physical difficulty with sex partner.

At that time it was a family system in feudal society in Japan.

It is natural times to marry spouses established between families.

For example, it's a pregnancy.

A Kaishun erotic massage may be practiced during that instead of vaginal intercourse.

Off course, the couples do wish to engage in intimate sexual activity, but cannot.

So a Kaishun erotic massage is practiced as the expression of true love.

Perhaps there are another reasons why a woman may not hope to have intercourse, to protect her virginity, or to avoid becoming pregnant.

And most of cases are her menstruating.

The man receiving a kaishun erotic massage receives direct sexual stimulation and true intimacy, while his partner who gives a Kaishun erotic massage to him derive satisfaction from giving him sexual pleasure.

❷ What is "contemporary" Kaishun Erotic Massage?

Currently the environment surrounding SEX is not a feudal thing like the one above.

For our 100 years generation life*, we would like our customers to send sex life full of vitality.

After all, we think that "If sexual life is also not substantial, it will affect motivation for work".

Everyone has to work a lot also in the 100-year generation of life, and it will have to be sexually lively.

NO KAISHUN EROTIC MASSAGE, NO 100 - year generation of life.

No sex, no life.

Giving a kaishun erotic massage, and receiving a Kaishun erotic massage could arouse mutual intimacy mentally.

Secondly, a Kaishun erotic massage strengthens your own sexual power, so a man of power loves it.

It combines physical body with spirituality with oriental way, and guides your body and spirit to increased sexual pleasure.

A Kaishun erotic massage is rejuvenation method supremely in your libido.

It makes you feel relaxed throughout the great sexual experience with our skilled kaishun therapists,and it's satisfactory stress reliever.

Our Kaishun erotic massage rejuvenates you to stimulate testis, testicle, penis, prostate, prostatic, lymph glands massage around groin,and to provide a blowjobs, hand service, happy ending massage・・・.

Proposal to replace "Insert SEX" for mature generation.

Testosterone also decreased, child making SEX graduated.

However, in order to continue to live as a man, sexual life should be fulfilling.

It no longer rely on erection, a new form of SEX, rejuvenation massage. The answer is an outcall kaihun erotic massage.

Testis,testicle massage

Prostate,prostatic massage


Happy ending massage


Please see theSESSIONS CHARGEfor detail about every sessions.

Session charge

❸ A Kaishun erotic massage is a kind of rejuvenation methods in sexual way.

An Kaishun erotic massage induces you to the perfect ejaculation with these services by our excellent kaishun therapists.

For various reasons ・ ・ ・ now emphasizing the form of SEX that "only insert is not all", we will reconcile the intercourse of "compassion" between men and women.

It is a new proposal for those after "Middle Age" who just needs a kaishun erotic massage.

It exists for the person who wants sexual healing.

Slip out of monotonous daily life, be lost in our Kaishun erotic massage sessions, without thinking.

A Kaishun erotic massage is only way for you.

Kaishun erotic massage must be your answer.

Perfect ejaculation

❹ Information on our SESSIONS CHARGE

Information on our SESSIONS CHARGE


Name of sessions Sessions length Amount of money
Basic kaishun erotic massage 50 mins / 80 mins 18,000 yen / 25,000 yen
4 hands massage of Basic kaishun 50 mins / 80 mins 35,000 yen / 49,000 yen
Couple kaishun massage of Basic kaishun 50 mins / 80 mins 40,000 yen / 56,000 yen
Standard kaishun erotic massage 50 mins / 80 mins 22,000 yen / 30,000 yen
Exclusive kaishun erotic massage 50 mins / 80 mins 25,000 yen / 35,000 yen
The Best kaishun erotic massage 50 mins / 80 mins 28,000 yen / 38,000 yen
 Nuru massage (Soapy massage) , A type of body to body erotic massage 50 mins / 80 mins 35,000 yen / 45,000 yen



⑴ BODY TO BODY EROTIC MASSAGE = Nuru massage (Soapy massage) 


⑴ BODY TO BODY EROTIC MASSAGE = Nuru massage (Soapy massage) video

➁ Optional services

The following optional services should be added to the above Basic kaishun erotic massage.

Name of option Amount of money NOTES
Nomination of therapist 1,000 yen
30 minutes extension 10,000 yen
⑵ SENTAI SHOWER SERVICE(NORMAL) 5,000 yen 15 minutes will be added. / Included in 80 minute session.
SENTAI SHOWER SERVICE(TOPLESS ) 8,000 yen 15 minutes will be added.
SENTAI SHOWER SERVICE (Undressed=Naked) 10,000 yen 15 minutes will be added.
Kaishun Erotic Massage below
⑶ Testis, Testicle massage Included in Basic kaishun erotic massage Included in Basic kaishun erotic massage
⑷ Prostate, prostatic massage 5,000 yen
JAPKASAI 8,000 yen Included in 80 minute session.
⑸ FOOT JOB 5,000 yen 10 minutes will be added.
⑹ FACE SITTING 5,000 yen 10 minutes will be added./ Session with underwear
⑺ FEET IN YOUR FACE 5,000 yen 10 minutes will be added.
⑻ NIPPLES LICKING & massage 5,000 yen 10 minutes will be added.
⑼    Foot scent fetish 5,000 yen 10 minutes will be added.



⑶ Testis, Testicle massage

Testis, Testicle Massage

⑷ Prostate, prostatic massage

Prostate, Prostatic Massage









⑼ Foot scent fetish

Foot scent fetish

❺ Our video guide


➁ Video guide about NURU MASSAGE

③ Video guide about 4hands MASSAGE

④ Video guide about prostate massage as a type of kaishun erotic massage


Erotic Massage Tokyo 311 provides the following two types of mobile services to seniors over 50 years old = middle-aged customers in the age of 100 years of life. ❶ kaishun erotic massage, ❷ hentai services.

It is said that kaishun Erotic massage has its origin in Chinese traditional medicine, then it has been transmitted to Japan, and has further developed its own unique.

The original meaning is that "Spring (youth) comes around (again)", it is not limited to sexual function, it is thought that it aimed at so-called "eternal longevity".

KAISHUN EROTIC MASSAGE can be said to be a massage for rejuvenating lower body = sexual function.


What's Kaihshun erotic massage?

HENTAI SERVICES is a services that allows seniors in the 100-year life = middle-aged generation to lively, throbbing, and maintain the QOL of their sexual life until they die, which can coexist with their declining sexual desire.

What's Hentai?

This page is a guide to 「What's Kaishun Erotic Massage?」,


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