Male menopausal disorder

I think that female menopausal disorder is often heard.
Actually, men have menopausal disability as well.

In general, symptoms appear in women within 5 years before and after menopause. And although there are lengths of that period, it is transient. However, in the case of men, it is a disease associated with a decrease in male hormones, so treatment is necessary and it will not improve. Major menopausal symptoms in men will be as follows.

Mental symptoms : Anxiety, irritability, depression, decreased concentration, sexual desire etc.
Physical symptoms : muscle weakness, sexual function deterioration, frequent urination, "morning stand" disappears, etc.

It is not necessarily that male hormone goes down as age, there are individual differences. A disease that causes such menopausal symptoms is called LOH syndrome.

LOH syndrome (late-onset hypogonadism) is a syndrome caused by a partial deficiency of male hormone (testosterone). In Japan, as a change due to age, it was regarded as being out of the scope of medical treatment for a long time, but in the 21st century it came to be regarded as a treatment target against the background of the emergence of a rapidly aging society.