Oriental Medicine

Oriental medicine (traditional medicine) is the traditional medicine of Oriental origin. As the range pointed by the East is diverse, the range included in Oriental medicine is not uniform, it differs depending on the context / viewpoint. Currently in Japan's traditional medicine industry, medicine therapy based on classical medicine · Oriental medicine and physiotherapy · acupuncture and moxibustion medicine that stimulates acupuncture points with acupuncture and moxibustion, together are called Oriental medicine. In Japan it is believed that the term "oriental" which is paired with "western" has been established since the Sino-Japanese War, the Japan Oriental Medicine Association was founded in 1950, and the term Oriental medicine is also commonly referred to as Oriental medicine became.

Oriental medicine often refers to East Asian traditional medicine originating from China such as Chinese medicine (China), Oriental medicine (Japan), Korean medicine (Korean Peninsula) etc. However, South Asia such as Ayurveda (India) · When including traditional medicine in Southeast Asia, it may include Western Asian traditional medicine such as Yunani Medicine. Yunani medicine originated from ancient Greece and has a great influence on Europe, so it is sometimes told in the context of Western medicine.

Since Qing Dynasty in China, Toyo refers to Japan, Oriental medicine means Oriental medicine.