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Vaginal care


❶ Vaginal care

The vagina is a muscle.

The mucous membrane covers the muscle, and the mucous membrane secretes mucus.

It also has the effect of preventing the invasion of bacteria by moistening mucus.

If you are healthy, it is normal for your vagina to be moist.

However, stress, dietary disorder ... before and after pregnancy when hormone balance is disturbed, menopausal, before and after menopause, the body gets cold and blood flow gets worse.

As a result, mucus is reduced and the body dries.

The mucous membrane of the vagina also becomes thin and softness is lost.

Eventually the vagina will become dry.

Does this mean that women are less likely to get wet after menopause?

And tend to avoid SEX with her husband ....

This will not be a sexually fulfilling second half life of the beloved partner's 100 years of life.

By doing SEX, to some extent, it is also a preventive measure.

In a sense, SEX = vaginal massage.

With regular SEX, vaginal circulation improves.

In the traditional medicine of India, there is a perianal massage in the care of female genitalia performed in Ayurveda.

It is vaginal care for "drying" prevention mentioned earlier.

Even in our kaishun erotic massage, the massage of the perianal area, which is also the key point of Oriental medicine, is indispensable.

Going to 100 years of life in the world, to women ... By taking regular kaishun erotic massage, we recommend vaginal care.

Take care of your vagina and enjoy SEX with your beloved partner until you die.


Furthermore, in India, “Yoni Picchu” is a procedure that is performed at a hospital before childbirth.

"Yoni" is female genitalia = vagina.

"Pitchu" means to "immerse" and put a cotton ball soaked with medicinal oil in the vagina.

❷ A Kaishun erotic massage's development and evolution system services.

The offer session for female customers is <2-d>.

Session charge

erotic massage

Relaxation oil massage(50 mins / 80 mins): Not kaishun erotic massage

Relaxation oil massage

Below, kaishun erotic massage

②-a ・Basic kaishun erotic massage(50 mins / 80 mins)

Basic kaishun erotic massage

Guide videos of TSUBO of kaishun erotic massage


②-b・4 Four hands or 6 SIX hands "Basic kaishun erotic massage"(50 mins / 80 mins)

4 hands and 6 hands Basic kasihun erotic massage

②-c・4 Four hands "Couple kaishun of "Basic kaishun erotic massage"(50 mins / 80 mins)

4 hands Couple Basic kasihun erotic massage



・Standard kaishun erotic massage + Undress(50 mins / 80 mins)

Standard kasihun erotic massage



・Exclusive kaishun erotic massage + +Undress +including oral service,(50 mins / 80 mins)

"NURU MASSAGE" can be added as "OPTIONAL SERVICE" to "SESSION ❹ and ❺".

Exclisive kasihun erotic massage

・The Best kaishun erotic massage + Undress + including oral service, + touching her breasts gently(50 mins / 80 mins)

The best kasihun erotic massage



NURU MASSAGE is a development of "BODY TO BODY EROTIC MASSAGE", using a slippery "NURU GEL" for the whole body of a therapist, making it smooth, massaging by a therapist using the whole body on your body.

Refer to the introduction video of "NURU MASSAGE" which is the evolutionary system of "BODY TO BODY MASSAGE" from here.




We provide an outcall "KAISHUN EROTIC MASSAGE" to your hotel or your home in central Tokyo.

It is said that kaishun erotic massage has its origin in Chinese traditional medicine, then it has been transmitted to Japan, and has further developed its own unique.

The original meaning is that "Spring (youth) comes around (again)", it is not limited to sexual function, it is thought that it aimed at so-called "eternal longevity".

Every powerful person at the time would have wished so that this era would last forever.

Of course, our shop offers sexual kaishun erotic massage.

In modern times, kaishun erotic massage can be called erotic massage for rejuvenation.

SEX is important to live forever for the mature generation towards the "100-year era of life*" as it is coming.

Being healthy, SEX is also fulfilling as being human beings, not being too old.


We have a information about Vaginal care of kaishun erotic massage for female customer.

Ayurveda, a traditional medicine in India, has a long tradition such as women's perineal massage.

Especially in postmenopausal women, women's genitals and vaginal dryness have become a major problem.

Kaishun erotic massage for women gives a perineal massage.




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