Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a type of male sexual dysfunction (English: Sexual Dysfunction; SD), which means that you can not express sexual intercourse satisfactorily because you can not express or maintain the penile erection. Also, according to the definition of the Japanese Sexual Function Association, sexual intercourse can not be performed with 75% or more of sexual opportunity usually.

In recent years, ED (Edie) has become well established as a general term, and it is also called erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, and malignancy in addition to it.

People suffering from ED tend to increase with age. The organic ED is more common in the 50s, but functional (psychogenic) ones are more common in young people. As of 2010, healthy life expectancies tend to be long in developed countries including Japan, and the number of elderly people who wish to sexuality even though their age rises is also considered to be a factor that attracts attention of ED in recent years.

In the past, the patient was very difficult to describe and difficult to treat, but since the advent of "Viagra", patients and physicians cooperated, and at the same time they did not need the help of a partner (wife) From being able to be treated alone as a single body, patients are getting more active in treating their treatment.