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We provide an outcall "KAISHUN EROTIC MASSAGE" to your hotel or your home in central Tokyo.

It is said that kaishun erotic massage has its origin in Chinese traditional medicine, then it has been transmitted to Japan, and has further developed its own unique.

The original meaning is that "Spring (youth) comes around (again)", it is not limited to sexual function, it is thought that it aimed at so-called "eternal longevity".

Every powerful person at the time would have wished so that this era would last forever.

Of course, our shop offers sexual kaishun erotic massage.

In modern times, kaishun erotic massage can be called erotic massage for rejuvenation.

SEX is important to live forever for the mature generation towards the "100-year era of life*" as it is coming.

Being healthy, SEX is also fulfilling as being human beings, not being too old.


We have a information about "TOKYO 23 SPECIAL WARDS" of Tokyo city as an outcall working areas.

Our main outcall working of a kaishun massage will be inside the "Tokyo JR Yamanote Line" within 23 wards of Tokyo.

We will send you an outcall kaishun erotic massage to your hotel's destination, home in the city center of Tokyo.

Since "JR Yamanote Line" and "Kannanadoori" are related to the presence or absence of transportation expenses in our outcall working area, I will explain that.




Feel free to contact us with any questions about "TOKYO 23 SPECIAL WARDS" of Tokyo city as an outcall working areas you would like to ask by phone ! !

Click here to confirm the unknown point about  TOKYO 23 SPECIAL WARDS" of Tokyo city as an outcall working areas by phone from 4 pm

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❶ About 23 special wards

Tokyo is the cultural, business, and political center of Japan.

They have 23 special wards in Tokyo.

There are eight central wards of the metropolitan ares of Tokyo.

Our main mobile working areas are in there, ....Chiyoda,Minato,Chuou,Bunkyou,Shibuya,Shinjuku,Taitou and Toshima.

Please see the 「LIST OF HOTELS」  in our main outcall,mobile working areas.

Of course, if you are in the central city of Tokyo, we can provide an outcall kaishun erotic massage to your home as well as the hotel.

Tokyo is also the center of many transportation.

Airs, railways, sea, and roads links in and out of Tokyo. Local subway and bus systems serve every part of the Tokyo city.



❷ Do you know the Yamanote Line?

Yamanote Line (山手線 in Japanese) is a railway line of JR EAST in Tokyo,Japan.

It is a circular railway line,it takes about one hour to come back the same station.

They have two type of operation,clockwise(外回り in Japanese,outerline) and counter-clockwaise(内回り in Japanese,inner line).

It is one of the busiest railway line of Tokyo which connects many major stations of central Tokyo.

They have 29 stations,all 29 stations of Yamanote Line are located in the special wards of Tokyo.



The lower left image is the route map of "JR Yamanote Line".

This inside is an outcall working area free of transportation fee.

The lower right image is "JR Yamanote Line".




❸ Our working areas are within Kannanadoori : Loop 7(name of Tokyo road).


The purple line in the MAP image on the right is "Kannanadoori".

The black-and-white lie is JR Yamanote line.

It may be a little difficult for foreign customers.

Please call us

Kannanadoori starts from Heiwajima, Ota ward,Tokyo, leadong to via such as  Setagaya, Suginami, Nerima, Kita, Adachi,  Katsushika, and ends at Rinkai cho, Edogawa,Tokyo.

The main our outcall working areas is inside JR Yamanote line.

Please refer to ❷ above.

Kannanadoori is one of the main ring roads in Tokyo running further outside JR Yamanote line.

This inside range becomes the main outcall working area of our shop.




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