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Please understand we don't accept email about reservation to avoid double booking,so please call during our business hour.



1. Please note that reservations for the same day can only be made over the phone.11549494_ml
2. Please call us after 4PM to ask any questions you may have.
3. Kaishun Massages is provided in your home or hotel room in central Tokyo from 4PM to 1AM.
4. Reservations for free charge travel area(= in the central of Tokyo) is available until 1am.
5. Reservations for outside of central Tokyo is available until 21pm.Please see the page 「AREAS」
about our mobile working areas.
6We may not be available during busy period and for other reasons in case your area is outside central Tokyo.Thank you for your understanding.




1. Questions can be accepted by email from below form.But please understand we cannot answer soon about email.If you're in a hurry,please call. 





1. Notice of one hour is required if you wish to cancel.25795342_ml
2. A cancellation fee of 5,000yen will be required to cancel or change the therapist who arrived.And a travel charge is required in case of outside Tokyo areas.Please see the page「AREAS」.





TELEPHONE NO. (186)-03-6666-9230 / +81-3-6666-9230