Our management policy is Gaikokujin Friendly.


We offer an outcall kaishun massage in Tokyo.Please see「What's kaishun massage」


1) "GAIJIN"?

Gaijin,in Tokyo,Japan,it means foreigner.That's a non-Japanease people in Japan.

Gaijin is a contraction of GAIKOKUJIN.That's a person from foreign country.43320184_ml
Some people says this word in a way means non-human.???
Because this word is composed of two Kanji in Japanese.
One is "Gai".It means "outside",and the other one is "Jin".It means "person".
But most of Japanease don't use this in negative way.Only some Japanease who don't like foreigners may use its word in some critical meaning.

Now,we Japanease should use Gaikokujin from now,Kuni means "country",because the term of Gaikokujin is more neutral and formal,we think.



2) Gaikokujin=Friendly

Anyway,we must say that most of the so many shops about sex buisiness in Tokyo,Japan don't accept  " Gaijin , Gaikokujin = foreigner " still.They are not open to Gaikokujin=Foreigner.

But our management style are very friendly to "Gaikokujin=Foreigner".
We are set from apart the large number of the outcall Erotic massage company in Tokyo its willingness to accept foreigners without hesitation.



EROTIC MASSAGE TOKYO 311 offers Gaikokujin=Foreigner friendly erotic massage in central Tokyo,Japan.
The erotic massage is Kaishun method of Japan.
So please call when you would come to Japan.
We hope you could have very wonderful night in Tokyo.
We're looking forward to seeing you in near future.