Hotels in Akasaka area(赤坂 in Japanese),including Kioi-cho,Ngata-cho of Chiyoda ward.


Akasaka is a residential and commercial district in Minato ward,Tokyo,which is situated in west of Nagatachō of Chiyoda ward and in north area of Roppongi of Minato ward. 

We introduce some hotels in Akasaka area.You can have an outcall kaishun massage services in hotels below.



1.Hotel New Otani The Main (ホテルニューオータニ ザ・メイン : 4-1 KIOI-CHO,CHIYODA-KU,TOKYO)画像 365

The Hotel New Otani was opened in 1964.It is one of the traditonal hotels in Tokyo.Its 400-year-old garden is very famous.And they have  the New Otani Art Museum(ニューオータニ美術館).  


2.Hotel New Otani Tokyo, Garden Tower​   (ホテルニューオータニ ガーデンタワー : 4-1 KIOI-CHO,CHIYODA-KU,TOKYO)


3.The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo (ザ・リッツ・カールトン東京 : Tokyo Midtown 9-7-1 Akasaka,Minato-ku,Tokyo)


4.Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu (赤坂 エクセルホテル東急 : 2-14-3, Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)


5.The Capitol Hotel Tokyu (ザ・キャピトルホテル 東急 :  2-10-3, Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)


6.ANA InterContinental Tokyo (ANAインターコンチネンタルホテル東京 : 1-12-33,AKASAKA,MINATO-KU,TOKYO)


7.APA Villa Hotel Akasakamitsuke (アパヴィラホテル 赤坂見附 :  3-19-10, Akasaka,Minato-ku,Tokyo)


8.Hotel Monterey Akasaka (ホテルモントレ赤坂  : 4-9-24,Akasaka,Minato-ku,Tokyo)