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❶ What is "TSUBO"?


In the history of Oriental medicine "Meridians" and "Meridian Hole = TSUBO" are written in detail in "黄帝内経"(Koutei Daikei) in the

2nd century BC in China.

There is "TSUBO = acupuncture point" on the "meridian".

Of course there is no real hole. The stimulation to "TSUBO = acupuncture point" is transmitted to "meridians".

When the flow of "氣, QI, KI" is stagnant, etc., stimulate 'TSUBO = acupuncture point' with acupuncture and moxibustion etc.

As a result, the flow improves.


Oriental medicine


❷ "TSUBO" of Kaishun erotic massage

An erogenous Zone is a sensitive area of human body which heighten sensitivity.

When someone get a stimulation to his erogenous zone,the stimulation makes him or her relax.

And it generate a sexual response,sexual arousal and then they get an orgasm.

❸ Do you know "Shiatsu"?

It is a kind of bodywork in Japan which is based on the traditional Chinese medicine.

Its origin is from Japanese massage called "anma" which is itself generated from Tui Na in China.

Tui na is a Chinese bodywork method which is spread in Japan 710 to 790 CE.

In Japanese,Shiatsu means "finger pressure".

Shiatsu practitioner give a pressure with fingers,thumbs,feet and palms to the pressure points.

The pressure points are called TSUBO in Shiatsu.

Our kaishun therapists adapt Shiatsu's pressure way.

They give a pressure to the TSUBO of Kaishun massage.

Kaishun erotic massage

❹ Where are TSUBOs of Kaishun erotic massage?

Name of five major TSUBOs of kaishun erotic massage

① 「三焦経(san-shou-kei)」・・・ Effects by kaishun erotic massage for men. 

tsubo_hand三焦経(san-shou-kei)」is known for the effects are such as below ⑴ & ⑵.

三焦経(san-shou-kei)is located only left hand.

⑴  The secretion of male hormone become active

⑵ The balance of autonomic nervous is better

Male hormone* and autonomic nervous* influence Erectile dysfunction (ED).




Erectile dysfunction(ED)

② 「商陽(shou-you)」・・・ Effects by kaishun erotic massage for men.

商陽(shou-you)」is known as the pressure points to arrange the autonomic nervous* system.

When the autonomic nervous* is not good condition,it will become difficult erection.

The balance of the autonomic nervous* is the important factors for the erection.

商陽(shou-you)」is located in both hands.

Please refer to the image on the upper right.


③ 「大赫(dai-kaku)」・・・ Effects by kaishun erotic massage for men.

大赫(dai-kaku)」has an effect on the sexual energy enhancemaent and Erectile dysfunction (ED).

By stimulating it,it is to act on the testes from "to promote the secretion of male hormone".

Erectile dysfunction(ED)

Please refer to the image on the right bottom.


④ 「陰廉(in-ren)」・・・ Effects by kaishun erotic massage for men and women.



「陰廉(in-ren)」is a pressure point which is effective in Erectile dysfunction (ED)

and Menstrual irregularities for women.





For the TSUBO of female 「陰廉(in-ren)」 please refer to the image on the bottom right.


⑤ 「関元(kan-gen)」 ・・・Effects by kaishun erotic massage for men and women.



関元(kan-gen)」is known as acupuncture points for reproductive organs and urinary officer,in particular for genital disease in men and Gynecological diseases for women,such as menstrual pain and menstrual pain, irregular menstruation.





Reproductive organs


❺ Recommendation of couple kaishun erotic massage

For more information on couple kaishun massage please see below.

Couple kaishun massage

Our kaishun massage sessions are available for happy couple.

A Kaishun erotic massage is not only men, women also effective.

Both of you get on well, stimulated by the TSUBOS=acupoints of kaishun erotic massage, receiving an outcall ksishun erotic massage, stimulating the erogenous zones in our shop therapist, after having finished kaishun erotic massage sessions, getting along well with each other to further strengthen love, well, well ・・・,Be happy.

Guide videos of 4 hands Couple Basic kasihun erotic massage

We are discounting now and are advantageous.

❻ A Kaishun erotic massage's development and evolution system services.

Session charge

erotic massage

Relaxation oil massage(50 mins / 80 mins): Not kaishun erotic massage(=Not happy ending).

Relaxation oil massage

Below, kaishun erotic massage

⑵-a ・Basic kaishun erotic massage(50 mins / 80 mins)

Basic kaishun erotic massage

Guide videos of TSUBO of kaishun erotic massage


⑵-b・4 Four hands or 6 SIX hands "Basic kaishun erotic massage"(50 mins / 80 mins)

4 hands and 6 hands Basic kasihun erotic massage

Guide videos of 4 hands and 6 hands Basic kasihun erotic massage

We are discounting now and are advantageous.

⑵-c・4 Four hands "Couple kaishun of "Basic kaishun erotic massage"(50 mins / 80 mins)

4 hands Couple Basic kasihun erotic massage

Guide videos of 4 hands Couple Basic kasihun erotic massage

We are discounting now and are advantageous.

・Standard kaishun erotic massage + Undress(50 mins / 80 mins)

Standard kasihun erotic massage



・Exclusive kaishun erotic massage + +Undress +including oral service,(50 mins / 80 mins)

"NURU MASSAGE" can be added as "OPTIONAL SERVICE" to "SESSION ④ and ⑤".

Exclisive kasihun erotic massage

・The Best kaishun erotic massage + Undress + including oral service, + touching her breasts gently(50 mins / 80 mins)

The best kasihun erotic massage

This is an optional service.


This is an introduction to (1) "BODY TO BODY EROTIC MASSAGE" and also "NURU MASSAGE", which is a development of (1), of the developmental massage of kaishun massage.

In summary, "NURU MASSAGE" is what used "NURU GEL" for "BODY TO BODY EROTIC MASSAGE".

This is an optional service.

We are discounting now and are advantageous.

Guide videos of "NURU MASSAGE" which is the evolutionary system of "BODY TO BODY MASSAGE"


NURU MASSAGE is a development of "BODY TO BODY EROTIC MASSAGE", using a slippery "NURU GEL" for the whole body of a therapist, making it smooth, massaging by a therapist using the whole body on your body.

Guide videos of"NURU MASSAGE"




We provide an outcall "KAISHUN EROTIC MASSAGE" to your hotel or your home in central Tokyo.

It is said that kaishun erotic massage has its origin in Chinese traditional medicine, then it has been transmitted to Japan, and has further developed its own unique.

The original meaning is that "Spring (youth) comes around (again)", it is not limited to sexual function, it is thought that it aimed at so-called "eternal longevity".

Every powerful person at the time would have wished so that this era would last forever.

Of course, our shop offers sexual kaishun erotic massage.

In modern times, kaishun erotic massage can be called erotic massage for rejuvenation.

SEX is important to live forever for the mature generation towards the "100-year era of life*" as it is coming.

Being healthy, SEX is also fulfilling as being human beings, not being too old.


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