Erotic Massage Tokyo 311.We provide an outcall kaishun Massage in central Tokyo.We have a information about A COUPLE KAISHUN MASSAGE.


We would like to introduce a couple Kaishun massage.New proposal for happy couples.



Enjoying a couple kaishun massage as a couple is a perfect way to relax and explore sexual intimacy together.


① The merits of a couple Kaishun massage

There are so many obvious advantages in a couple kaishun massage.Please see 「What’s Kaishun Massage?」about 「Kaishun Massage」.

For example,that’s like building better intimacy between you and your partner, learning more about your partner’s sensual part,spicing up your usual sex routine and getting closer to each other during a couple kaishun massage sessions.

It is said that when there is a true connection between a man and a woman,a technique does’t matter.It is very important that it is love,tenderness,attention and respect that play the main role.

A few years after getting married or starting as a lover … …, the form of sex no longer “only inserts are not all”. For the two people over the middle age, it is a completed form of sex that is compassionate to each other and touches each other. Sometimes I think that receiving stimulation with our ‘A COUPLE KAISHUN MASSAGE‘ is also fantastic.


② To understand true love for your partner through a couple Kaishun massage

A couple kaishun massage is a good opportunity for you to learn how to give and receive sexual pleasure.

The pleasure of a couple kaishun massage may become adventurous trip for you.
And it brings you from a state of total relaxation to the highest level of arousal.

Shot the world out and get ready to just concentrate on a couple kaishun massage.

A couple kaishun massage would bring a couple to a higher intimacy.Its pleasure is mutual,so it is more exciting than a one-way normal massage.