What’s Kaishun Massage?



Have you ever experienced "Kaishun massage"?


What's a Kaishun Massage?Please see below about a Kaishun massage. 


WHAT'S Kaishun Massage?

Kaishun massage is thought to be derived from traditional China sexual method.
It is an ultimate way in sexual rejuvenation which is for middle-aged man especially.Please see 「HISTORY」 about the history of Kaishun massage in detail.

In days old, it is said in Japan that Kaishun massage practiced between partners when penile penetration would be avoided firstly.In case of……some phisical difficulty with sex partner. For example, it's a pregnancy. Kaishun massage may be practiced during that instead of vaginal intercourse. Off course, the couples do wish to engage in intimate sexual activity, but cannot.So Kaishun massage is practiced as the expression of true love.

Perhaps there are another reasons why a woman may not hope to have intercourse, to protect her virginity,or to avoid becoming pregnant.And most of cases are her menstruating.
The man receiving kaishun massage receives direct sexual stimulation and true intimacy, while his partner who gives Kaishun massage to him derive satisfaction from giving him sexual pleasure.



Giving kaishun massage,and receiving Kaishun massage could arrouse mutual intimacy mentally.
Secondly, Kaishun massage strengthens your own sexual power, so a man of power loves it.

It combines physical body with spirituality with oriental way,and guides your body and spirit to increased sexual pleasure.

Kaishun massage is rejuvenation method supremly in your libido.It makes you feel relaxed througout the great sexual experience with our skilled our therapists,and it's satisfactory stress reliever.

Our Kaishun massage rejuvenates you to stimulate testis, testicle, penis, prostate, prostatic, lymph glands massage around groin,and to provide a blowjobs, hand service, happy ending massage,….. .

Please see the「SESSIONS CHARGE」for detail about every sessions.



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Kaishun massage induces you to the perfect ejaculation with these services by our excellent therapists.
It exists for the person who wants sexual healing.

Slip out of monotonous daily life, be lost in our Kaishun massage, without thinking.
Kaishun massage is only way for you. Kaishun massage must be your answer









Couple Kaishun Massage