E.M.T.311 invites you to enjoy an erotic massage relaxation in Tokyo, the home of NURU MASSAGE.

Our services is only outcall.We provide an outcall NURU MASSAGE services to your hotel or home in central Tokyo.


"NURU" ?

The meaning of the word NURU means "to slide" "slippery" "smooth"in Japanese.
Our NURU MASSAGE is a sensual,sexy massage method using full body contact,sliding body over body…. .
The method of NURU MASSAGE originated in the Soapland Shop of Kawasaki city,Kanagawa pref.Japan. Soapland is a kind of erotic massage parlars in Japan which has a very long history.

Come and feel genuine NURU MASSAGE in home Tokyo,Japan.


About its metdod of NURU MASSAGE

Now we bring NURU MASSAGE amazing exprience right to you.Our friendly and attractive NURU MASSAGE Therapists are highly trained in technique of NURU MASSAGE.Please let our NURU MASSAGE Therapists pamper you during NURU MASSAGE session.After the session of NURU MASSAGE,you will really have a relaxed state of both mind and body.

It is a technique of erotic massage that the NURU MASSAGE Therapist and customers naked each other and a tasteless and odorless massage lotion to be used for NURU MASSAGE is lubricant and slide smoothly to the body of the customer by their own body.

That GEL firmly adheres to the whole body of both NURU MASSAGE Therapist and the customer.NURU MASSAGE Therapist slides its body to the entire body of the customer so that the customer can feel the tactile sensation between the bodies so as to reduce the stress of the customer.

Needless to say, NURU MASSAGE is characterized by a dynamic movement that slides from side to side over your body,using their soft and beautiful therapist's body. To do that, a harmless Japanese NURU MASSAGE Gel is needed.

E.M.T.311 offers you with truly sensual and unforgettable experience in Japanese traditional way.Our NURU MASSAGE is definitely the best erotic massage experience you can find in Tokyo,Japan.NURU MASSAGE is an ultimate body to body massage.

Please come and feel the difference and quality compered with others !  



① Please note that if NURU MASSAGE is selected as the option \ 10,000, the session time is automatically extended for 20 minutes in addition.

② However, NURU MASSAGE as an option is only 2 courses, No.4 "Exclusive kaishun Massage" and No. 5 "The best kaishun massage".

③ NURU MASSAGE can not be selected as an option in the session from No. 1 "Sensual Massage" to No. 3 "Standard kaishun Massage".

⑤ Please see 「Sessions Charge」in detail about sessions and charge.





❶ NURU GEL : The main components of the GEL used in NURU MASSAGE is  the sulfated polysaccharide fucoidan, which is obtained from the leaves of the brown seaweed plant Sphaerotrichia divaricata. Chamomile, Azulene and other minerals are often added.