Do you know how to use LOVE HOTEL ?

If you cannot have an outcall Kaishun massage in your hotel or home…,please see below. 

We can offer an our outcall Kaishun massage to the LOVE HOTELS in Uguisudani area only.


About love hotel

A love hotel is a type of short-stay hotel which is very popular in Japan.
It is operated basically for the purpose of sexual activities for couples.C0000212_PIC

A love hotel offers a room for a rest(kyukei in Japanese) and an overnight(shukuhaku=tomari in Japanese).
The period of a rest are differant depending on the hotels,generally 2 or 3hours.
The price of a rest is cheaper than a overnight's one.

Please check the price of the love by yourself hotel you check in. 

Please see the about Uguisudani below.  



Uguisudani Station(鶯谷駅in Japanese) is a railway station in Taitou Ward,Tokyo,Japan.It is operated by East Japan Railway Company.
Uguisudani Station is next to Ueno Station,which is served by the Yamanote Line and Keihin-Tohoku Line.27950938_ml

In Uguisudani area,there are many LOVE HOTEL near North Exit of Uguisudani Station.
Uguisudani area is very known as one of main areas where there are a lot of the escort company in Tokyo.
You can find some LOVE HOTELS near Uguisudani Station North Exit easily.

Please make a reservation before checking in a LOVE HOTEL.

We can recomend a love hotel in Uguisidani called P-DOOR which is gaijin friendly management.

But you need some Japanese with hotel staff,and additional 1,500yen in case of three person totally.  

Please see the 「LOVE HOTEL P-DOOR in UGUISUDANI」about 「P-DOOR」.

But the HP of 「P-DOOR」 is only in English.You can see the review about 「P-DOOR」 in English.