Hotel Gracery Ginza

Hotel Gracery Ginza in Ginza,Chuou ward,Tokyo.


We provide an outcall “KAISHUN MASSAGE” in Hotel Gracery Ginza or yourban_coupon home in central Tokyo.


Do you know “TSUBO of KAISHUN”?



We can offer an outcall kaishun massage  to Hotel Gracery Ginza in Chuou ward,Tokyo.

Hotel nameHotel Gracery Ginza
the address7-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Toyko
the telephone number +81 3 6686-1000
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Tonight we provided an outcall kaishun massage to Hotel Gracery Ginza in Chuou ward,Tokyo.


I arrived at “Hotel Gracery Ginza” at 1am midnight. “Hotel Gracery Ginza” to ask customers to pick up our kaishun massage therapist.

Four to five years ago, from “Hotel Gracery Ginza” to the left towards Sotobori street, taxis ranging from around 23pm in the evening, more general cars come in, so one way ahead of the hotel does not move It is in a state, but ….
Recently I have not seen any traffic jams. In particular, a taxi heading out to the exterior street and going to the left seems to be a culprit, a taxi aimed at a customer after the hostess club finishes in Ginza.
Take the road to the left of “Hotel Gracery Ginza“, Sotobori street and go to the left for Shimbashi. Go to the right from Ginza 4-chome to Yurakucho.
Going right in front of “Hotel Gracery Ginza“, go out towards Showa Dori.

Washington Hotel (Washington Hotel) is the name of the business hotel chain (brand name) developed by Fujita Kanko Co., Ltd. throughout Japan. The business name in Fujita Kanko is “Washington hotel chain”. Washington Hotel Plaza and others that develops partnership relationship with Washington Hotel Co., Ltd., but now it is completely separated. Therefore, the management entity of Washington Hotel and Washington Hotel Plaza is a different company.
Among them, the hotel of the advanced brand is “Gracery”. As “Business Hotel Gosanke”, it is counted with Sunroute, Tokyu Inn.

GINZA SIX (Ginza Six) opened in 2017 before “Hotel Gracery Ginza“.
GINZA SIX (Ginza Six) is a compound commercial facility located in Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. Matsuzakaya Redevelopment project to maintain the site of the Ginza branch.
Facility planning and management promoted jointly by J. Front Retailing, Mori Building, L Real Estate and Sumitomo Corporation together. The facility concept is “Life At Its Best ~ the highest satisfied living”, and to create an international commercial space in the Ginza area.
Especially in terms of disaster prevention function, in addition to adopting a damping structure, install emergency lifelines such as emergency generators and set up a temporary stay space (multipurpose hall) for people who have difficulty in returning home, food and blankets Stockpiling etc. We also improved the underground pedestrian passage and improved the barrier free of pedestrian flow lines.


➀ A convenience store near “Hotel Gracery Ginza”:Lawson GINZA SIX store

❶ Address: 10-1 Ginza 6 – chome, Chuo – ku, Tokyo/ ❷ Hours: Open 24 hours/ ❸ Phone: 03-3575-1327


② Ramen shop near “Hotel Gracery Ginza”:Homemade noodle Ito 

❶ Location: Tokyo Ginza 6-2, Ginza 6-2 Chuo-ku Tokyo Ginza Building/ ❷ Time: 11: 00-23: 00/ ❸ Phone: 03-6274-6445


③ A long-established restaurant near “Hotel Gracery Ginza”, lunch edition.:Tsubame grill Ginza core store

❶ Address: Ginza 5-chome, Ginza core, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 8-20 Ginza core/ ❷ Time: 11: 00 ~ 22: 00/ ❸ Phone: 03-3569-2701

The founder of the swallow grill was founded in 1930.
Currently Shinagawa station front shop is the main shop,
We are opening stores mainly in commercial facilities in Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture.
Even while doing multi-store development, without changing the commitment to food and cooking
Since its founding I have over 85 years of history as a handmade Hamburg steak.