There are 23 special wards in Tokyo.


Our main outcall working area is central Tokyo of 23 special ward. We have a information about 23 special wards & Yamanote line & Kannanadoori.

We offer an outcall Kaishun massage in central Tokyo until 1am.


(1) About 23 special wards

Tokyo is the cultural, business, and political center of Japan.
They have 23 special wards in Tokyo.24453647_ml
There are eight central wards of the metropolitan ares of Tokyo. 
Our main mobile working areas are in there, ….Chiyoda,Minato,Chuou,Bunkyou,Shibuya,Shinjuku,Taitou and Toshima.

Please see the 「LIST OF HOTELS」  in our main outcall,mobile working areas.

Tokyo is also the center of many transportation.
Airs, railways, sea, and roads links in and out of Tokyo. Local subway and bus systems serve every part of the Tokyo city.


(2) Do you know the Yamanote Line?

Yamanote Line (山手線 in Japanese) is a railway line of JR EAST in Tokyo,Japan.
It is a circular railway line,it takes about one hour to come back the same station.
They have two type of operation,clockwise(外回り in Japanese,outerline) and counter-clockwaise(内回り in Japanese,inner line).
It is one of the busiest railway line of Tokyo which connects many major stations of central Tokyo.They have 29 stations,all 29 stations of Yamanote Line are located in the special wards of Tokyo. 



(3) Our working areas are within Kannanadoori:Loop 7(name of Tokyo road).

Kannanadoori starts from Heiwajima,Ota ward,Tokyo,leadong to via such as  Setagaya  , Suginami ,Nerima , Kita , Adachi ,Katsushika , and ends at Rinkai cho,Edogawa,Tokyo.It is outside the Yamanote Line areas.



The pink line is Kannanadoori:Loop 7(name of Tokyo road) in below map.